London Sealant Services With A Focus On Quality

We're hired for our mastic joint sealing expertise and service. This fact isn't taken lightly, London Sealant Services pride ourselves on taking care of business at the right pace, relevant to the project, but always with an extremely high emphasis on a quality finish.

Mastic Silicone Sealant Colour Matching

Your project, your design, matched with a range of coloured, mastic sealants.

World Class Quality Sealant Materials

We use only the very best manufacturers' mastic sealant products.

Construction Skills Certified Mastic Sealant Work

All our mastic sealant applicators meet the UK's latest criteria.

Continous Client Communication On Each Project

We believe in full initial consultation, on-site communication and aftercare.

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What Can We Do For You?

Our london sealant Services include..

As well as standard, new build housing mastic joint sealant work, maintenance, upgrade and remedial mastic joint sealant work we also undertake the following specialist mastic sealant work....

Airports & carparks

We seal areas frequented by vehicles, where specialist oil and petrol resistant mastic sealants are required.

Hospitals & Food Premises

We seal clean rooms, cold stores, food storage areas and premises where specialist, anti-bacterial mastic sealing is required.

Secure units & prisons

We seal areas where anti-pick (also known as non-pick or secure) mastic sealants are required.

Examples of our london sealant services

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london sealant services latest Projects

We have recently completed mastic joint sealant remedial and upgrade works at the Travel Lodge Hotel, Heathrow Airport. The internal sealant applications included sanitary sealing of the showers, baths and fittings to a very high standard with external, expansion joint sealing to both timber and powder-coated aluminium frames and facades.

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Our Mastic Sealant Work Clients

We regularly work closely with renowned, high-end fitting & fabrication companies in and around London such as Colorminium, Troy Group & Dearnside. Below are some of our mastic joint sealant work clients.

Mastic joint sealing work to a very high standard in london and beyond.